This small software is designed to help people who want to translate the useful software EAC (Exact Audio Copy).
With this software, you can easily update your language file and find the new strings of the new version of EAC.

EACtranslator is a simply "exe" program without installer. It just create a xml file in the user directory to save the options if the user change them.
To start the program, just double-click on it. A warning splash screen inform you that some string numbers have changed since the version 1 of EAC.

Description of the main window

EACtranslator is very classic. You will find the menus on the top of the main windows.
It exist only one toolbar to navigate through the language file.
Some information could be displayed in the status bar located on the bottom of the main window.
The main screen is divided in two panels, the left one show the original string and the right one is for the translation.

main (12K)

All restricted words are displayed in red colour, these words may not be translated.
The status bar can display some information like: On the rigth side of the status bar, one LED and a percentage show the length of the translation string regarding the original one.

How to load the language files?

If EAC is installed on your computer, the English file of EAC is automatically loaded as original.
It's also possible to load another language file as original one, but it's strongly recommended to use the English (or German) file as original to translate.

You are now able to load the new language file. It's possible to update an old file by this way.
If you want to create a new language file, you need just to save it.

From the version 1.0.2, EACtranslator manage the versioning of the language file and you can download the original version with the same version of the translation file.
You can download the original file in English or German, with the 'Download' menu. The version of the language file is included in the string number 40.

How to navigate through the strings?

You can use the toolbar, the menu 'Navigation', the mouse wheel or the keyboard to navigate through the strings.

The keyboard short-cuts are:

The mouse wheel is enable when the cursor is located in the right panel.

You can also use the slider or enter the string number in the text box.

How to use Google or Bling to get the translation?

You can use the Google or Bling translator to help you. Just right-click on the right panel to display the context menu.
The original and target languages are automatically detected (from the language code values, or the computer language).
Due to the usage limitation of the Google and Bing translation API (from the end of the year 2011, the API becomes a commercial product), it's possible that these features don't work.

translator (12K)

How to save your file?

The strings are stored in the computer memory until you save them to a file.
You should use the menu 'File' to do that. It's strongly recommended to save your file frequently!

David Rogard, 03/11/2011.